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Managed Services

Managed Services

A managed service provider is a must-have partner that ensures that the backend of your business runs efficiently and seamlessly. It brings together every facet of the business and offers a central point of control for managers and employees. VDS offers reliable temporary or contractual staffing services that provide you with the ability to develop your resources’ strength without absorbing them full time, help over-exhausted employees during critical times, and keep the business projects spontaneous.

With more than two decades in the industry, we have in-depth experience and understanding of legal process outsourcing (LPO). Outsource support of your non-core tasks such as IT management, records review, secretarial services, business intake, and support services such as the copy center, as well as skilled litigation support specialists and services.

Business Intake Center

  • Rather than operational walls that separate service areas, we establish Business Intake Centers that become hubs for the input, storage and retrieval of information.

Support Services

  • VDS can help you function more efficiently, effectively and competitively. Our focus is on managing and integrating “support” services such as the “copy center” and “records department” to lay the foundation for an efficient firm-wide information flow.

Secretarial Services

  • Let us help your attorneys be ultra-efficient. We can provide a support structure that includes a skilled team with diverse secretarial, paralegal, and document management skills.

Records Management Services

  • VDS understands the burden of maintaining a management system for documents within the legal industry. Our team can reduce the labor needed from your firm. We can provide strategy, technology and staffing to address all physical and electronic records and information workflow requirements.

IT Management

  • Reduce your back-office overhead with VDS IT services. Our technology specialists are on hand to evaluate current technology implementations, help you strategize and deploy new implementations; advance the capabilities of your solutions with custom configuration and programming enhancements, and make it all work in a cohesive fashion.

Docketing/Conflict Services

  • Our expert docketing services can manage the demands of court calendaring while maintaining firm deadlines. Our Docket Department provides attorneys and support staff with jurisdiction specific rules as well as state and federal court research resources to effectively manage case work.

Litigation Support

  • VDS is the perfect partner to help your litigators master the massive volume of documents and data that have become an essential part of litigation today. We work closely with your team to understand and define each litigation’s unique challenges and requirements. And at every step – from initial case investigation to final appeal – we offer a full range of litigation support services to ensure that your litigators stay on top of the information flow, and have every advantage that fully prepare them for their battles ahead.
Managed Services