Our History

VDS is a leading IT and administrative managed services provider specializing in law firms. Our forte lies in offering Managed Services, Equipment Solutions, FIT software, and Information Governance. With nearly two decades in the legal industry, we have a unique understanding of how to align employees, business processes and technology to move from paper-based to paperless processes to meet the needs of the digital age, improving efficiency in law firm operations. Now, more than ever, with remote and hybrid work becoming the “new normal,” our expertise in information digitization has been helping dozens of law firms as they evolve their workspaces.

  • Vendor Direct Capital is formed

    Established to serve as the equipment arm of Uniscribe.


  • VDC Rebrands as VDS

    Established to help law firms grow and manage their business.


  • IT Outsourcing added to platform

    This gave VDS the ability to provide Information Technology related functions to clients.


  • FITSoftware Introduced

    Provides clients with software for easy barcoding and records management of existing files.


  • Launch of SharePoint

    Providing clients with a system to increase efficiency, security, and retrieval of documents integral to a well-run law firm.


  • Job Submission Solution Introduced

    Automates job submission tracking process for clients, saving time and increasing efficiency.


  • VDS Adds Software Development Team

    Established to provide personalized solutions to clients.


  • VDS Forms Equipment Solutions Division

    This gave VDS the ability to provide copiers, scanners, and other office equipment and serve as a one-stop solution for clients.


  • First provider to manage a law firm from the COO position

    VDS CEO assumes interim COO position at client company. Lasted for two years.


  • Scanning Workflow with Dashboards Introduced

    Provides automated workflows to process information efficiently and productively; dashboard allows user to track requests and status.


  • New Business IntakeAnnounced

    Automates new business intake process, making it far faster and more efficient;lets billable services be initiated earlier.


  • TracKing Introduced

    New task and route tracking tool allows clients to manage and track a task with ease.


  • UK and China Offices Open

    Service operations increase to reach firms in Europe and Asia.